Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Space Clearing

Every living thing gives off energy – good or bad.  Sunlight, music, healthy plants and candles will keep the chi moving in a healthy home.  But additional cleansing is required when a home is ‘sick’.  The residue from previous tenants and guests can linger in your home long after they leave.  It is important to clear the energy in your home after parties, holiday gatherings, family fights, and illness as well as after a major cleaning.

Burning Sage, Sweetgrass, Sandalwood or other fragrant incense removes negativity and will get the chi moving throughout your space again.  If this does not appeal to you, or if you have neighbors which may be affected by the smell, give the next option a try.

Epsom Salts & Alcohol Space Clearing

This ritual uses the elements of earth, fire, water, wood & air which are traditional in Feng Shui and I find works very well.  If your home is small, perform the ceremony in the living area.  For a larger home, do a cleansing on each floor.  I also recommend focusing on specific rooms after an illness or if you are working on improving a specific Feng Shui zone in your home.

You will need:
·        Epsom salts
·        rubbing alcohol
·        an old coffee mug or dollar store purchase
·        old pot or pan
·        trivet, hot pad, or towel
·        long wooden matches

1.      Fill the coffee mug ½ full of Epsom salts. 
2.      Pour rubbing alcohol to the top of the salts and wait for it to soak in.  Then top it off so alcohol is just on the surface of the salt.  Don’t overdo it.
3.      Place the mug in the old pot or pan and place it on a trivet, hot pad or towel.  (The mug will get extremely hot.)
4.      State your intention aloud to clear the space of all negative energy and replace it with vital, active, positive chi. 
5.      Then, light the alcohol with the wooden match.

The flame will burn very high as it pulls in all the negative energy in the room, so keep it away from flammable objects.  As with all fire, do not leave it unattended and let it burn until it goes out on its own. 

When the mug is cool, dispose of it and its contents.  You should not use the mug again for another clearing.  That is why I recommend dollar store purchases.  Do not use good cookware to hold the mug.  Take it from me, if the mug should crack with the heat, the salts will pit stainless steel.

Now that the energy in your home is cleared, don’t forget to clear your personal energy.  I will explain how in a future posting.